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  • Training Centre

  • Training Garden

    Our aim is to help students learn independent living skills, work ethos and work skills

    On the nursery side students are encouraged to learn a wide range of nursery skills. They learn how to grow plants from seed
    and propagate plants from cutting. How to care for plants in the seedling stage pricking out and potting on and maintaining
    healthy plant growth through watering, weeding and feeding. They are then encouraged to apply these skills by taking
    ownership of their own veg plot. Choosing the veg they want to grow, planning their plot through to harvesting their crops and
    how to prepare and cook their produce. They take on the responsibility, make the effort and they get rewards. Students
    find this a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Along the way they learn about organic growing and begin to develop an
    awareness of caring for our environment.

    We always make time for looking at our wildlife which animals are helpful to gardens and which we should try to deter. This year
    our students were involved in creating a flower border to encourage bees and butterflies. Hopefully it will instil an interest
    and a lifelong love and passion for gardening, our wildlife and the environment.

    As the nursery is a fully operating viable business all work carried out has to be to a professional standard. The students training
    and working here show their capability to cope with and contribute to a professional working environment.

    Students learn social skills through working together, serving and helping our customers. They are encouraged to think for
    themselves, problem solve and help each other. 

    Basic skills are incorporated into as many different tasks as possible and there are plenty of opportunities to practice them.
    Our students are well supported by qualified staff and are given the best possible range of experiences and learning to equip
    them with progression into independent living and voluntary or paid work.


    Registered Charity Number: 1048192