• Chalk Farm Hotel, Coopers Hill, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 9JD
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  • Training Centre 

  • Hotel Training

    Students are taught in a friendly and enjoyable setting, are well supervised and instructed throughout. Students will gain experience in all aspects of hotel work, including customer care skills, housekeeping, setting and serving at tables, making tea and coffees and bar work, many of which are easily transferable into independent living.

    Team work is important and is a fun way to develop and maintain social skills. Key areas include customer care, time
    keeping, respect for self and others and motivation. Needless to say, health and safety is paramount in every activity. Each
    student has a set of agreed goals, both short and long term, which are regularly reviewed by the key worker and the
    student. Progression is measured in a number of ways, for example, noting a student’s ability to listen to instructions and
    to carry them out, using initiative, maintaining skills learned and developing new ones.

    All activities are aimed at increasing the student’s confidence and independence which can be taken forward into his or her
    daily life. Basic computer skills are also taught in the newly refurbished IT room and we offer a variety of in house training
    courses covering many of the skills needed to access the working world.


    Registered Charity Number: 1048192